Let me Introduce Myself.
Defect-free software does not exist. -- Wietse Venema

Hi, I am Love Sharma. Welcome to my personal website!

Currently, I am working with for Google as a Web Developer. Previously, was working with Patni Computer Systems   iGatePatni as a Researcher (Cloud Computing and Open Source). I studied Information Technology from U.V. Patel college of Engineering , located at Mehsana-Gozaria Highway, Gujarat , and graduated in June 2008 with a Bachelor Degree. I am born in Rajasthan (parbatsar) and brought up in Gujarat (Ahmedabad) .

I have a strong passion towards Technologies, which comes in the form of gadgets or any web portal, which may be used in our day to day life. I believe there is web site for every damn thing, but a web fight can only be won by its presentation. The only thing which i hate is books.

About sports, i don't play outdoor games much. But good in some indoor games like Table Foosball, Chess, Rubix Cube and Snooker/Pool. My best score in solving Rubix cube is 55 secs, (The high score is 6.24 secs).

I had made some cool web projects starting with CrazyFriendz (2008), Voizle (2009), BajaoIndia (2010), Love Sharma (this) and some exciting social applications on Facebook, Mozilla Add-ons, Chrome Extensions, Orkut, Google Wave and MySpace.

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As a: Web Developer

Duration: March 2011 to Till Now

Technologies: Python, Javascript, Closure, Google App Engine, Django, Perforce

As a: Game Developer

Duration: July 2011 to Nov 2011

Technologies: Python, Javascript, Jquery, Google App Engine, Django, SVN

Project: Mafia Resurrection
  • Social media game for social networking websites like facebook.com, hyves.nl, myspace.com etc.;
  • Game is currently having 2.5 Million Users and it is one of the top 10 games in hyves.nl and one of the top 25 games in myspace.com Game URL: http://u.voizle.com/mafiahyves;

As a: Software Developer

Duration: Dec 2008 to July 2010

Technologies: Java, Javascript, JSP, Servlet, Struts, J2EE, MySql 5.0, Oracle 9i, Cold Fusion, PHP, Python, Google App Engine, Sunone webserver

Project: Research on Cloud Computing
  • Worked with some open source products such as Joomla, LifeRay;
  • Worked on Cloud computing with different vendors like Amazon, GoGrid, Force.com, and GAE. Migrated Application made in Python and Java to Cloud;
  • Migrated and created POCs for some applications on Cloud Computing;
  • Conducted training on Open Sources products and awareness;

Amex Corporate Payment Service
  • American Express deals with credit card business, needed a team with sufficient expertise to maintain, provide support and carry out enhancements to its existing applications on the Web for providing eServices. Corporate Payment Services was taken over by American Express from General Electric in October 2009;
  • Migrated over 5 out of 30 web application from cold fusion to struts 1.2.9;
  • Handling the enhancement CRs and Bug fixing for the web based applications;
  • Created 2 Automation tool for Monitoring tickets to reduce human efforts;
"I didn't even complete my University Education" - Bill Gates
Yes, I am graduate:

Name: U.V. Patel College of Engineering.

Passing Year: 2008

Degree: B.Tech (Information Technology)

I went to School:

Name: A-one school

Passing Year: 2004

I was there:
Greater Noida

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